Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Rest of November

Other than the wedding and moving and Gabe's birthday, the rest of November was pretty typical...

...with a few excetpions. Gabriel had to get used to having a pet in the home. McKay kept our cat, Dorothy Mae ("Dot"), and I was a little apprehensive about it. I didn't know if Gabe would be allergic and what if Dot was mean to him or scratched him or something? Well, it turns out Gabriel isn't allergic to cats or at least not Dorothy. She is really great with Gabriel and has never so much as swatted at him! They are very curious about each other and in the rare times she allows him within a few feet of her, he usually just squats and stares at her with an occasional poke or prod. We are trying to teach him to "be soft" with the kitty... As you can see, the cat's safety zone is on the other side of the baby gate!!

McKay's mom watches Gabriel for us while I'm at work and McKay is at school. They are bonding really well! Gabe loves going to Grandma-ma's house to play with toys and watch The Price is Right and Sesame Street.

My brother's girlfriend had a baby girl who now shares a birthday with Gabriel! She is not biologically my brother's baby, but he is taking a daddy role with her, so we see her as family! Her name is Paisley.

Gabriel had his first Library visit in November. I think a kid can never have to many books and it's never too early to read to them and get them interested. We meandered over to the childrens' side of the Provo Library (which is pretty freaking awesome!!) and I let him pick out an armful of board books! Here he is with one of his picks.

This past Thanksgiving was Gabriel's second, but it was the first one where he got to eat thanksgiving dinner!! We gave him a little bit of everything and he loved it!

That's pretty much it for November 2010. Slowly but surely getting caught up!