Friday, August 27, 2010

It has been almost a whole month and I haven't posted anything and I'm really sorry

There is a really good reason for my lack of posts though: I have been just plain super busy. Really. I wake up at four in the morning to get ready for work and take Gabriel to daycare.

Oh yeah. I work. A lot. And Gabriel is now in daycare. It totally broke my heart the first time I dropped him off. He didn't care AT ALL though. Seriously. He didn't even know Diane and he went to her without a fuss. She reached out for him and he looked at her and then at me and back and forth a couple of times and then he just leaned over and went to her. No crying. No sad face. Nothing. Most people would see that as a blessing but honestly, it just made me even more sad. I not so secretly wanted him to bawl his eyes out and cling to me and not want me to leave him. But he didn't, so I was sad.

Anyway, I work aaallllll day until the very last minute when I absolutely HAVE to leave in order to get to Diane's on time to pick up Gabe. (She's a licensed home care provider and only watches kids from 6am to 6pm) I am trying to rack up the over time so I will have plenty of money saved up for the move back to Utah. So I grab Gagriel, head home, feed him dinner, play with him for a little while, give him a bath, read him a book, and put him to bed. Not too long after I put him down, it's bed time for me too. I barely have time to shower and eat and do laundry and whatnot, so the blog has kind of fallen by the wayside. I keep telling myself that I'll update it on the weekend when I have some time...but my weekends are pretty full too. That is my time with Gabriel and my sister and my niece and my mom (if she's feeling up to it--she hasn't been feeling well lately). We run around the island visiting beaches and parks and local markets. It makes for a pretty full but tiring life!!

Gabe is lucky. We get home and he's already sleeping in his car seat so he gets taken inside and laid in a crib and he's out for like ten hours--sometimes twelve. Seriously. The kid's a sleeper (got it from his mamma!! hahaha) See the proof?

I can sometimes undress him, change his diaper and put him in pajamas and he doesn't wake up during any of it... 

 ...and he will sleep any time, anywhere, in any position--sometimes he jams himself all up in the corners and edges--I have no idea why....

 ...and sometimes, as you can see, I just take his pants or his shorts off and call it good...

 I love this and am totally amused to the point of slapping my hand over my mouth so I won't laugh and wake him up every time I see it. I don't know how this could ever be a comfortable sleeping position, but it seems to be a favorite of five at least...I think...

 I don't know why I think this is so darn cute! Something about that little diaper bum sticking up just makes me smile and giggle to myself. hehehehe

*side note* check out kiddo's feet!! Are you kidding me with those things?! He's almost caught up to Lily and shes TWO YEARS OLD!!

More posts to come--soon. I promise. I have so much catching up to do!! I have pictures from June (I think) that I still haven't posted yet! Better get to it!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Killing Time...

In case there are any doctors out there who want to know what goes on in the room while we're stuck waiting ridiculous amounts of time for you to get your high and mighty little hinies in there for a ten minute check up....*grumble*....this is it (in my case, at least)

Gabe was already undressed so the nurse could get his vitals and weigh him and whatnot...

There is a corner wrapped in mirror, which makes five Gabriels (if you're counting the real one). Gabe LOVES to play at the mirrors!!

 The Dr finally came in and did his thing and then left us in there again while he checked on...something...I don't remember Gabriel was back in his clothes. He is becoming more and more dextrous every day. I see it in the fact that he is going for smaller and smaller objects and toys to play with. He is a smarty-smart-smart!
 (P.S. I love it when he is playing with a toy or trying to look at his clothes or his belly because when he looks down, his chunky cheeks look even chunkier and I think it's adorable!!)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Uncle Alex is a HIT!!

Last month Gabriel met another one of his uncles--ALEX!! And let me tell you--Gabriel LOVED him! So did Lily - he is a pretty awesome uncle!
 Gabe got to sit in the wheelchair...

 If Alex was in the room, Gabriel was staring at him. No matter what it took--he always had an eye on uncle Al!! LOL

 Al had tons of fun playing with Gabriel. He even read to him!

 Gabriel was always trying to eat/play with Alex's watch!
 This is, by far, my favorite picture of the two of them...

Alex came and stayed with us for about three weeks this summer. It was so much fun to have him here! Gabriel and Lily were both bummed to see him go  :'(