Saturday, May 30, 2009

So I was out laying on a blanket on the grass (picnic) and I felt the baby move!! It was crazy! I'm pretty sure I've felt it move before, but this time I was positive--it was totally nuts but really awesome.

I'm worried about baby's daddy though. I still care about him as a person, obviously, so I'm kinda bummed at the choices he's making right now. My brother says he sees him occasionally and he looks like he may not be keeping himself clean (yes, he showers--I'm talking about other stuff). That really breaks my heart. He has so much potential! So much talent! It's not fair to himself and to his family for him to waste it. Plus if I do an open adoption, it's a huge possibility that he would be able to visit--or even his parents or sister if they wanted to--but not if he gets into trouble and gets himself thrown in jail. I really hope he's not doing what my brother thinks he might be. I would be really sad if he is...

Anyway, I get to go to the doctor a week from tomorrow!! He'll do an ultrasound and measure everything and possibly tell me if it's a boy or girl!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Ultrasound!!

So I had my first real doctor visit today!! Aubrey came with me for moral support, so a big "Thanks!" to her!! Dr. Dewey was all booked up, so I saw the NP in his office (Kelly....Parker?) I was nervous and excited and SO relieved to finally get to a doctor! As you well know, my biggest frustration has been not really knowing how far along I am, so that was the big question I wanted answered today.

So I went in and filled out all of the paperwork and then they did what will be the "routine tests" (weight, blood pressure, and urinalysis to check sugar and protein levels). They said everything looked good so far, so that was nice to hear! I haven't had a physical or a Pap in a few years we had to do that today (ick).

Finally, we got to see the little squirt!! It's so cute!! It moved around a lot and wouldn't give us a profile (lol) so the picture is head on! It kept rolling back and forth, showing us its little tush and back. Ha ha ha! Kelly told me that (as I suspected) it looks like it's about 18 weeks along--not 16 (yay!!) So my new estimated due date (EDD) is October 22nd. Sweet!

I have to go to the lab at the Provo hospital today or tomorrow to do some blood tests (Hep B, HIV, and AFP/Quad screen). Then I go in to see Dr. Dewey in two weeks and he'll do measurements and possibly tell us if it's a boy or girl. My mom and Mike will be in town, so they'll get to see it!! That will be neat!

Look at my cute little baby!! Posing and everything!!

This one should make it easier to tell what everything is...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Doctor, Doctor!!

I finally received my medical coverage information in the mail yesterday!! I called a doctor right away to set up an appointment. I get to go in next week on Thursday!! Dr. Dewey is his name. It will be fun to see/hear the baby!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Short update...

So I haven't posted in a while--gah!!

Life has been busy. I have a place to live now (I moved to Utah), so I'm a lot less stressed out. And the big news: We've decided on adoption. I think it would be best for the baby to have a mom and a dad who are able to take care of it and give it everything it needs to have a good life. At first I didn't even want to think about adoption, but then I realized that I was being selfish. If I really love this baby, I should put my wants aside and put the baby's needs first. I am 100% positive that adoption will be best.

Anyway, it's late so I'm going to bed. Just figured I would post a little update!