Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What you missed in September

No lectures--I know I haven't been on the ball lately. Here's the September stuff that you missed!!

September 2nd - Gabe started to free-stand! It was so exciting! He had been pulling himself up for a while, but it was this night that he started pulling himself up and letting go to stand on his own--unsupported!

He took his first two steps this night too!! I just happened to catch them on video!!

It was a milestone evening for sure because later on during his bath, he brushed his own teeth with a big boy tooth brush!

Only days later, Papa (my dad) flew in to spend a week with us! Papa's are the best--they spoil and play and give you everything you cheetos...

 Gabe was in heaven--he'd never had a cheeto before!

 Of course, my dad didn't think (or care) about the mess that would occur because of this inappropriate snack....why worry? Mamma will clean him up! These pictures do not even come CLOSE to doing the mess justice. It was gross.

We took a trip to the Dole Pineapple Plantation just have to.

 Papa and the babies!

Another stop we made was at the Valley of The Temple. The kids loved the bamboo forrest and the doves and koi fish!

 Like looking in a mirror...
 These next few crack me up....Lily was on a hand-holding kick and Gabe was...not

 " thank you..."


 "!?  What do you think this is? I will NOT be holding your hand today..."
 "Gabe! Come on!"       "Absolutely NOT!! Leave me alone! I'll scream!!"
 "Gabe..!...?... I don't understand."

We had to make a stop at Chinaman's Hat as well

One of our final stops was Sunset Beach on my dad's last evening in Hawaii...

As the days wear on, one can't help but notice that my little baby is turning into a big boy...

Unlike some others, I think it's super adorable that they make baby boy clothes that look just like big boy clothes. I love it when he looks like a little man! HA! This outfit was from Nana and Papa Rivera

Gabe loves to play and I love that he finds joy in almost anything - whether it's a toy, a box, or his own reflection!

We tried to spend as much time with Lily and Candace as possible since we knew we'd be moving and Candace would be deploying (I'm so proud of her!!)

This was Gabe's first time in a baby swing at the park...he was not impressed...

 Little Lily bug--she's such a cutie!!

Tune in next time to see/read about the move and our time with Nana Daisy, Papa Ray and Racheal and the kids!

P.S. I just love my little weirdo...