Sunday, April 12, 2009

Almost TMI...

Okay, so today (technically yesterday, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still today) was the worst as far as "morning sickness" is concerned. The worst it has been since the beginning of the pregnancy. I mean I've felt nauseous before now but it never went past that. Today I felt it in my belly, my chest, my throat--it went from "Ick, I feel nauseous." to "Holy crap I really am going to throw up. I hope I make it to the bathroom in time." You know when you KNOW you're going to be sick? Not just the icky feeling--over the ledge, get me a bucket. I got to the bathroom and got into position, but nothing came up. Thank goodness, because I just took my prenatal vitamin and to have to take another one would be upsetting--those suckers are expensive.

Anyway, I felt sick ALL day. It was "uncomfortably close to throwing up" sick too. I couldn't even enjoy the slow cooked BBQ chicken I made.... :-( But I VERY much enjoyed the home made mashed potatoes. Yummmm.....

So I'm really craving cake right now, but I don't want to go to the store by myself. Besides, it's like midnight....but I want cake soooo bad!!! Oh well....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Calm down, Ashley"..."Okay. Chilling out."

So I talked to my mom today and she made me feel a lot better about everything. Thank goodness!! I was really starting to freak out.

It was really great to just sit and talk to her anyway. We talked about favorite family traditions and holidays and stuff. We laughed about crazy childhood stories involving Candace and TJ and myself. We had a lot of really great times!! My mom was a single parent for a lot of my childhood--and she had THREE kids!! It gives me a lot of hope and reassurance--I can do this!!

I decided that I want to make a recipe box (again--I used to have one, but it got lost in one of many moves...). I'm going to send blank recipe cards to my mom and Ray's mom and other family members (like my sister--that girl can COOK!) and have them copy down favorite family recipes. I know for sure that I want the pie crust recipe from Candace (I always forget it...even though it's only like three ingredients), a handful of recipes from my mom (she has some of grandma's old recipes) like her taco soup, breakfast pizza, and potato salad, and Ray's mom makes the BEST rice (she has a few other great recipes up her sleeve too)!!

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better today. Thank goodness!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8? 11? Who knows? Cuz I don't....

So I'm really frustrated and kind of annoyed at my situation. For other than obvious reasons.

I thought the first day of my last period was February 7th. Now that I've been talking to other women and reading posts on (a "mommy site" that I joined), I've realized that that might not have been a period. A lot of women that I've talked to have said they had a "period" that wasn't really a period at the beginning of their pregnancy. It was just the egg implanting itself. Now I don't remember how heavy/light that "period" was. I just remember that it came a lot earlier than usual (about a good week early)--which is why I remember the exact date. I just thought it was odd, but that was it.

Normally, my period comes around the 15th. It's usually right on schedule (give or take a day or two--but not a WEEK!). So now I'm thinking maybe I'm further along than I originally thought. If I'm right about that, I'm about 11 weeks along. That's kind of scary and really frustrating! I haven't been to a real doctor visit yet. All I've done is a blood test to confirm pregnancy. In a week I'll be out of my first trimester if I'm that far along! I'm kind of worried. Not sure if I should be really all that worried....but not knowing if I should be makes me want to default to worrying. But I don't have the money or the insurance to go see a doctor! Everyone says it would be better if I wait until I get to Utah to get set up on Medicaid so I don't have to deal with transferring it from one state to another and blah blah blah. But that means another two weeks!! And what if I'm 11 weeks along right now?!

Grrrr.....I hate not knowing.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

PB&J anyone?

So here I am. Eating my latest craving (peanut butter and jelly) and watching stupid, sappy movies about life and mommies and whatever. I am an emotional roller-coaster. I cry about everything.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Just a little update: I got my first baby gift today!! My dad's new wife gave me a three-pack of hooded baby towels. They're so cute!! They're white and yellow with little duckies on them! So they'll work if I have a boy or a girl.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Names!! And a new due date!

So I went to go pick up the paperwork from the doctor visit...what was it? like a week and a half ago? Anyway, I drove over to get the "official" results from the blood test and they gave me a due date (my previous assumed due date was from an online due date calculator--it was only a day off though). Guess what it is. November 13, 2009. My birthday! I don't know whether to think that's cool, or to feel a little jealous that my birthday will possibly not be mine anymore....LOL! I'm only kidding. If the little tadpole (that's what I've been calling it) wants to come on my birthday, so be it!

Ray and I talked about names. Some say it's a little early in the game to decide on names, but I say why the hell not? What are we waiting for?! So....

If it's a boy (which is what I'm hoping for): Aiden Thomas

If it's a girl (which is what literally EVERYONE else keeps saying/wanting): Kaydence Lynn