Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Names!! And a new due date!

So I went to go pick up the paperwork from the doctor visit...what was it? like a week and a half ago? Anyway, I drove over to get the "official" results from the blood test and they gave me a due date (my previous assumed due date was from an online due date calculator--it was only a day off though). Guess what it is. November 13, 2009. My birthday! I don't know whether to think that's cool, or to feel a little jealous that my birthday will possibly not be mine anymore....LOL! I'm only kidding. If the little tadpole (that's what I've been calling it) wants to come on my birthday, so be it!

Ray and I talked about names. Some say it's a little early in the game to decide on names, but I say why the hell not? What are we waiting for?! So....

If it's a boy (which is what I'm hoping for): Aiden Thomas

If it's a girl (which is what literally EVERYONE else keeps saying/wanting): Kaydence Lynn