Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dr. Dewey=Dr. Poo-ey

So I went to see Dr Dewey yesterday. I hated him! He was horrible. He didn't even act like he cared about me or whatever. His staff wasn't that great either (I went to the Provo office this time)--they didn't weight me or take my BP or a urine sample or anything! And he treated me like some sort of irresponsible teenager. I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant and not married, or because I'm putting the baby up for adoption or what... He just wasn't very warm at all. I didn't feel like he was listening to me. I mentioned that I wasn't feeling well (head cold) and he just brushed it off like it didn't matter and told me to take some Sudafed. He didn't even check me or ask any follow up questions or anything!! And I had to tell him things multiple times because he wasn't listening the first time I told him.

When he did the ultrasound, he didn't explain ANYTHING as he went along, so I had no idea what I was looking at half the time. He just did his measurements (head, abdomen, femur) and clicked away like he was just trying to hurry and get through it so he could go eat lunch or something. He told me it was a girl at first and then part-way through he changed his mind. And then he acted like he didn't really know! Talk about a killjoy. I was so upset. And he didn't even TRY to get a cute ultrasound picture like most doctors do. He just printed out some random screens and handed them to me. Then he told me I'm only 18 weeks along--not 20 like we thought. (And if I'm only 18 weeks it's hard to tell what the baby is anyway!!) So now my EDD is November 6th.

See?! He took a creepy alien baby picture!! The other ones, you can't even tell what they are so I didn't bother posting them...

Oh yeah--he told me (like he didn't even care) that my AFP results came back irregular so it's possible that the baby could have Downs Syndrome. Just like that. He didn't even try to be delicate about it or reassure me or say anything to make me not freak out! He was just like, "Oh don't worry. The results are highly dependent on having the correct due date, and yours was off a bit...I'll have them recalculate it." He completely ruined the experience for me.

Anyway, I don't like him. I'm getting a new doctor. The hunt is on!!