Friday, May 14, 2010

I've decided that babies grow way too fast

How does everything happen so quickly?!? I look at pictures of Gabriel from two weeks ago and think, "Wow! He has GROWN!!"

Items of note as of late:

-Gabriel is a side sleeper! It's very cute.

-He is really good at holding his own bottle now.

-He chatters and babbles more and more every day.

-Gabe is starting to explore a lot more in terms of movement and mobility. He doesn't crawl yet, but he can roll--and FAST!

He's actually a little too fast. Earlier today I laid him on the bed, made a half turn to the right to grab a diaper, turned back to find him rolling OFF THE BED!! Lickety-split! That fast!! Three turns in a half second! Right off the bed!! He cried for thirty seconds, I cried for five minutes.

-If you hold out your arms, Gabriel will reach out to you to pick him up! (This is new. He reaches for things, but until recently he never reached out for people to hold him or pick him up.)

-Just yesterday, I was standing Gabe up and holding his hands trying to get him to walk and he actually took a few steps!! I was so proud of my little man!!

I've decided that I want to start collecting all the Disney/Animated classics and the good ol' stuff from when I was a kid--like Aladdin and The Lion King. Of course, I'll get the new good stuff too. Recently, I bought Wall-e, Quest For Camelot, and The Prince of Egypt. Not much, but it's a start! I have made a whole wish list on Amazon of the movies I want to start collecting for Gabriel. I'm so excited to continue checking more off!

Another recent Amazon purchase: a new car seat for Gabe. He has already outgrown his Graco Snugride infant carrier car seat--I can't believe how big he is!! The biggest bummer about that is that I don't get to use my awesome Graco stroller anymore. BUT--I have an amazing Combi stroller that's all kinds of awesome and high-tech that I can use now. It folds up really compact, has a three position recline to almost laying down!, on-board speaker system that you can plug an iPod or other music player into, etc. Combi is freaking awesome. This thing retails for a few hundred dollars and I got one from a craigslister in amazing condition for only $35!!!  So I'm pretty happy to be using that stroller now. Anyway, I searched for a while for a new car seat. I didn't have a super high budget and I wanted to make sure I got the best for my money. I looked at every store around town that carried baby stuff. There were one or two that looked pretty good. I came home and decided to check Amazon--I found even better options!! I narrowed it down to a small handful of hopefuls but couldn't decide on one so I decided to sleep on it. The next day Candace came over and I was showing her the options in my price range ($90-$160 - sad, I know. I'm poor) on Amazon so she could help me decide. While I was showing her, I noticed there was a new car seat in the search results. I decided to check it out. It. Was. A. Combi. I don't know if there are words to describe how ecstatic I was!! A COMBI!! IN MY PRICE RANGE!! How is that possible?! I guess maybe they're not making that car seat in Chestnut Brown anymore and they're trying to get rid of that color. Maybe they had an insane one day sale that I happened to catch with some incredible luck. I don't know. All I know is that I checked it out to make sure it had the specs I was looking for (I wanted a convertible car seat so I can continue to keep Gabe rear-facing until after he's a year old and then turn it around and it can be forward-facing for when he's bigger, a decent weight range, 5-point harness, high safety rating, removable and washable seat cover, etc.) and then I bought the sucker in like thirty seconds flat. I have never filled out payment information so fast in my life. It was delivered to me later that week and I couldn't be happier!! I am the proud new owner of a Combi Zeus 360 Convertible Car Seat. It's called a 360 because you can turn it 360 degrees without removing it from the base! It's so awesome!

Here is the video review I made for Amazon:

I wasn't going to do this but I can't help it. This car seat retails for between $270 and $315 depending on who you buy it from. I got it...for.....$97!!! Brand new!! Drop shipped from Combi!

Okay, bragging time is over--I swear. I'm just really excited.

So anyway, Mother's Day was nice! My sister Amanda, her husband Josh, and his dad and sister flew in the day before and they'll be here until tomorrow night. We all went to the first hour of church on Mother's day and then we ran home to grab some lunch and went to the beach! It was nice to kick back. For my first Mother's Day I got a little bouquet of flowers in a little bitty vase/pot from "Gabriel and Lily" (from my mom), a rose from my sister, and the Your Baby Can Read DVD set and word cards from McKay. I'm sooo excited about the Your Baby Can Read set!! Gabriel loves watching the DVDs and really gets into them. 

Candace has the same set for Lily and she started recognizing and reading a lot of the words at around 18 months old! A lot of babies can read/recognize the words even younger than that if the parents are consistent with the program. I'll keep everyone posted on Gabe's progress!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome to parenting. No refunds. Please check your sanity at the door and remember to keep your sense of humor and patience with you at all times - it's a bumpy ride...

I lifted Gabriel in the air over my face and was googly-gooing with him and he threw up on me--with a smile, of course. What did he have for lunch? Carrots. So I took a shower. As I was getting dressed, Gabe started getting cranky. I went over to him to see what was wrong. He just had an explosive poop (moms, you know what I'm talking about) that came out of the leg holes and up and out of the back of his diaper. It was everywhere. So I cleaned him up as much as I could and took him upstairs for a bath. As I was putting lotion on him after his bath, he proceeded to pee on his freshly showered mother. Awesome.

All of this happened in the course of ONE HOUR.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


This, my friends, is a Wordle word cloud. It is generated from text that you provide. The more often you use a word in the provided text, the bigger it appears! For mine, I chose to input the url to this blog and the application pulled the text for me. If you click here, you can make your own!!