Saturday, August 29, 2009

30 weeks and a 3D ultrasound!!

Well I've reached a milestone! I'm officially 3/4 of the way there! I can't believe it!! I get more and more excited as the days pass...Gah!

Gabriel is just getting chubbier and cuter these days! (I know because I saw him via ultrasound!) He should be around 17 inches long and just over 3 pounds. His brain is growing a LOT now. Good thing I've been taking those Omega 3's!! His brain should be getting the characteristic grooves and indentations that we all see when we picture a brain. If that's happening now, though, I wonder what it looked like before...? Another big thing that he's starting to do is regulate his own temperature. Now that he can do that, he should start shedding lanugo (the soft, fine body hair that babies have while in the womb--sometimes you can see it on babies that are born early) which is what has been keeping him warm up until now. If he has any hair on his head, it would be getting thicker now (and his eyelashes longer), but the ultrasound tech says it looks like he doesn't have much hair! LOL At least not yet. If he's bald, I wouldn't be surprised--it's a Tramel baby trait. Hahaha... His head and body are getting closer to normal proportions, which means he is looking more and more like he will at birth--just really small right now.

As for me....well....I'm apparently going to gain about a pound a week now for the next six to eight weeks. Damn. I already feel big! My belly button is still hanging in there! It hasn't "popped" yet! And no visible stretch marks yet either! *knock on wood* It's getting more and more uncomfortable to sleep now...ugh. I can sleep on either of my sides and even my back, but I can't sleep in or sleep for very long periods of time because of extreme discomfort. I wake up with sore ribs and a super achy back. Ugh. I'm thinking that I'll just have to start taking little naps during the day to ease fatigue. And that will be easier to do now that I've gotten it approved to work from home! Anyway, I found out that I've been having sporadic Braxton Hicks contractions for a while--I just didn't know that that's what they were. I can't really feel them at all. The only way I can tell that they're happening is if I touch/prod/poke my belly and it feels "hard". they've been happening all this time....didn't know that's what they were until yesterday when the u/s tech told me. Weird. Cool. Whatever.

SO! The biggest, most fun part of this post is NOW! I went and had a 3D ultrasound done yesterday! It was awesome! He was kinda bein' a little turd though! He kept rolling his face toward the placenta/my back or he would roll into my hip and snuggle up in that area. What a punk! LOL That, and he had his fists and arms covering his face a lot of the time, so it was hard to get a good face shot. I was almost a pissed at the little guy...if he weren't so cute....little turd nugget....HA! I just love him so much! I guess he didn't want his picture taken...Anyway--here they are!!

Okay, so this one and the next one aren't 3D, but it's cute! You can see half of his face and an elbow in this one. He has gotten pretty good and moving that elbow around--jabbing me in the ribs and stomach...
She labeled this one so people would actually believe me. That is his ARM! Check out that bicep and shoulder!! He's my little muscle man...hahaha!! He probably got that strong from punching away at my abdomen and ribs and bladder,
So this one is pretty cute if you know what you're looking at. His head is on the left (looks like there's a big hole in it, but there isn't) and his right arm is crossed over his cheek/jaw (punk!). And then right in front of where his nose and eyes are, we have a cute little fist! Do you see it? With a little thumb crossed over the rest of his fingers!? You see it.
This is one of his many attempts to hide from us. He's rolled onto his side here. You can see his head and  a profile (well, an eye, a nose, and his cheek) and then, of course, you see his arm/shoulder. Look at him all snuggled up tight!! I guess he was just trying to sleep...
This picture is soooo funny to me!! You can't really see his head/face very well. You can kinda see a little fist/hand up by where his face is...But the most obvious thing in the picture is his leg (which is labeled. Duh) and his foot. Well, if you follow his leg down to where his little tush would be, you can see....YEP!! That's it, ladies and gentlemen!! Some boy parts! Hahahaha!!! I already have a blackmail  picture...teen years, I'm ready for ya!
You can kind of see a cute little blurry face in this one. See his eye and a nose and his mouth? He's adorable. Admit it.
I saved the best one for last! This one's a really good (mostly profile) shot of his face...and placenta....haha. I think it's cute--even though the umbilical cord got in the way and you can't see his lips. (That really bummed me out. I really really REALLY wanted a good face shot...)
I'm not going to lie--I was totally disappointed that these were the best pictures we could get. He just wasn't cooperating. I wanted to scream. And cry. Urgh!! But they're really not that bad and I've seen worse... And he's still my cute, precious little guy even though he wouldn't give us a good angle. I love him so much!! I can't wait to see him when he's here and I can hold him!! (Seems like that's the way he wants me to see him