Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I drive down to Payson to visit my grandpa and his wife every month. We talk and have dinner and play a game or two. It's fun! And it's nice to see my grandpa and Janet. I used to always say "Yeah....I need to visit grandpa more...." and I would never get around to it--how horrible of me, right!? So I decided that I would set aside a specific day (first Wednesday of every month) to go visit. That makes things easier for me. It's scheduled. Set. I'll actually do it instead of just thinking I should.

Well I went today and Janet had a surprise for me! She made some blankets for Gabriel! They are super cute! Here are pictures of two of them (she's not done with the third). They are double sided...uhh...fleece? (I guess I should have taken pictures of both sides...) I don't know what the fabric is, but it's soft! And she did some awesome, tiny crochet detail around the edges! I love them! How sweet of her, right?!

Thanks Janet! They will go perfectly with the baby stuff--I decided to go with an animal/safari/jungle theme.

P.S. Oh yeah--I got registered for my "childbirth preparation classes" today! I'm signed up for a two-part Prenatal class and a Breastfeeding education class. Yay! The best part: my insurance plan covers the cost of taking them!