Friday, August 21, 2009

29 weeks down, 11 to go!

29 weeks now! Okay, so I look like crap in the picture. Forgive me. I'm not feeling the greatest...blah.

The consensus is that he's nearing 17 inches tall now--within inches of his likely birth length! He's not very chubby yet, though. Only about three pounds. Between now and the time he's born, he'll more than double--maybe even TRIPLE--his weight! I'm hoping for the "double his weight" option though. Six or seven pounds sounds awesome. Ray's birth weight was a little over six pounds. Mine was eight and a half!! I was a fatty. Seems like that kinda runs in the family though. TJ and I were chunks. So was Lily. I guess I'll just have to wait and see! The bigger he gets, the less I will feel his movement because he won't have as much room to move around. That's a total bummer. One of the coolest things about being pregnant is feeling the baby move!!

I went to my first Prenatal Class last night. I'm not sure if I like the instructor or not...she didn't seem very open to more natural birthing methods. I got the feeling that she wanted all of us to feel like the doctor ALWAYS knows what's best and you, as the mother, don't have much say in how things will go when you deliver. From how she was putting things across, nothing is "optional" if the doctor wants it a certain way--which is totally not true!! Well, maybe it is at UVRMC (Provo Hospital), but that's total crap! If you don't want an internal monitor, you don't have to have one! And if you don't want an assisted birth (vacuum or forceps), you don't have to agree to that either! An epidural is NOT always the best form of pain relief/control. An episiotomy is NOT always necessary--even if it IS your first delivery! I just felt like she gave a lot of false/skewed information. I am glad that I have been otherwise educated and that I'm aware that I have more options than what she was making it sound like. She was just so...ugh...the opposite of empowering! She made it seem like we are just poor, powerless little pregnant women who are lucky to have doctors there to tell us what to do or else we'd be totally screwed. I'm glad my insurance is paying for the class, because I would demand a refund if I was the one shelling out for such crap information.

Anyway, I went in for a doctor visit on Monday. Everything is on track! We had kind of a funny moment when the nurse was rolling the monitor around on my belly to find Gabriel's heartbeat. Once she found it, she stopped and listened for a minute to make sure it was beating at a good rhythm/pace. Well, he decided he didn't like her listening in and kept kicking at the monitor! LOL it was funny. The nurse is Scottish, so she has this awesome accent and she goes "Oh my! He's a feisty little one, in't  he?!"  Hahahaha--that's my boy!! After that, I had to go over to the lab to get my glucose test started. For those of you who don't know, they give you this super nasty stuff to drink (it tastes like really sugary, slightly carbonated, weird melted popsicle's gross) and you wait an hour and then get some blood drawn. They test it to see how your body handles sugar. If your score is below 140, you're fine. If not, you may have gestational diabetes (meaning, you're diabetic while you're pregnant). They usually call if there's anything abnormal or "not good" and I haven't heard anything yet. I'm assuming I don't have gestational diabetes. Yay!! This calls for a celebration, I think! I'm going to go buy my favorite junk food and spoil myself. (I usually try to be healthy...)


SamBamby said...[Reply to comment]

Oh I totally hated that drink. Mine tasted like an orange fanta with a cup of sugar poured into it. Nasty Sauce.