Thursday, August 27, 2009

An in-between update

Gabriel has been SO ACTIVE lately. It's nuts! I like it though--I'm cherishing this time because I know it's going to be done before I know it. I'm really excited to hold him and play with him and WATCH him grow, but I'm really loving having him with me all the time and feeling his movements. I love it! I love Gabriel!

I went to a breast feeding class on Tuesday--what a great instructor!! I'm kinda bummed that I won't be delivering in Utah. IHC has really awesome programs and great facilities. I would have liked to deliver at American Fork Hospital. But who knows? Maybe Hawaii has an even BETTER hospital! Anyway, the breast feeding class was really good. I learned a LOT! It gave me a more solid resolve to really stick with breast feeding as long as I can. Even if I just pump and bottle feed. It's so far superior to formula feeding! The benefits are undeniable and the pros and cons to breast feeding outweigh the pros and cons to formula by FAR. And who can beat the price?! LOL

Today was a fun and busy day for me. I went shopping for some new clothes (I'm finding fewer and fewer suitable shirts and pants in my closet these days...), which was awesome! I found lots of cute shirts and some cute shoes too! No pants or skirts yet, but that's because I ran out of shopping time. I had to cut my little shopping spree short to go to my last "prenatal duo" class--the one with the horrible instructor. She wasn't AS bad this time... I was kind of annoyed being there anyway, though. A lot of the information they give you is geared specifically toward IHC hospitals and their procedures. That would be great if I was going to be delivering in AF still, but I'm not. We watched birthing videos tonight. It was....weird. They followed four different women's "birth experiences". One was your average, every day birth with an epidural and episiotomy. The second was a C-Section. The third was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cessarian--her first was a C-section and this was her second baby). And the fourth was a lady who had a couple of kids already and wanted to go completely natural. No freaking drugs. Holy crap. That one was, by far, the weirdest. Not because she was going natural, either. She did really well without an epidural--just breathed through it all and concentrated. The nurse came in a checked her and she was dilated to a ten, so they went to go get the doctor so she could start pushing. The doctor comes walking in like "Okay. Let's get things going then. I'm gonna--whoa! What...?! Did you start pushing already?" And then the camera pans down and you see the freakin' baby's HEAD already completely out!! So they're all scrambling to get gloves on and prep the area and then the baby just comes out! She didn't even push. Didn't PUSH!! The thing just rolled right out of her!! The doctor was like "Oh! Oh my! Okay--let's" He was barely there in time to catch the kid! And then the lady sits up and leans forward and starts trying to help wipe the baby off and she's totally chill. It was weird.

So anyway, my 3D ultrasound is tomorrow! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see my little guy!!