Saturday, May 30, 2009

So I was out laying on a blanket on the grass (picnic) and I felt the baby move!! It was crazy! I'm pretty sure I've felt it move before, but this time I was positive--it was totally nuts but really awesome.

I'm worried about baby's daddy though. I still care about him as a person, obviously, so I'm kinda bummed at the choices he's making right now. My brother says he sees him occasionally and he looks like he may not be keeping himself clean (yes, he showers--I'm talking about other stuff). That really breaks my heart. He has so much potential! So much talent! It's not fair to himself and to his family for him to waste it. Plus if I do an open adoption, it's a huge possibility that he would be able to visit--or even his parents or sister if they wanted to--but not if he gets into trouble and gets himself thrown in jail. I really hope he's not doing what my brother thinks he might be. I would be really sad if he is...

Anyway, I get to go to the doctor a week from tomorrow!! He'll do an ultrasound and measure everything and possibly tell me if it's a boy or girl!!