Friday, August 6, 2010

Killing Time...

In case there are any doctors out there who want to know what goes on in the room while we're stuck waiting ridiculous amounts of time for you to get your high and mighty little hinies in there for a ten minute check up....*grumble*....this is it (in my case, at least)

Gabe was already undressed so the nurse could get his vitals and weigh him and whatnot...

There is a corner wrapped in mirror, which makes five Gabriels (if you're counting the real one). Gabe LOVES to play at the mirrors!!

 The Dr finally came in and did his thing and then left us in there again while he checked on...something...I don't remember Gabriel was back in his clothes. He is becoming more and more dextrous every day. I see it in the fact that he is going for smaller and smaller objects and toys to play with. He is a smarty-smart-smart!
 (P.S. I love it when he is playing with a toy or trying to look at his clothes or his belly because when he looks down, his chunky cheeks look even chunkier and I think it's adorable!!)