Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goodbyes, Airplanes, Extended Family, and a Baby Monkey!!

October was a busy month for us. It was our last month to spend with my mom and Candace and Lily, so we made the most of it! I will always cherish Gabriel and Lily's sweet little cousin moments. I am so glad that they had so much time to get to know each other and form a bond. I never had that with any of my cousins when we were kids.

I was so excited for October because it's the beginning of fall (my favorite season) and this would be Gabe's first Halloween!! Our awesome daycare lady took Gabriel to a pumpkin patch and this is the pumpkin he picked out!!

I could not wait to get home and see what he picked out. Nicole said that they didn't even charge her for his pumpkin because it was so small!! He LOVED playing with it.

One thing that I still haven't gotten used to is the fact that babies don't slow down! No matter what is happening in life they keep on growing and learning and moving right along!! 

Gabriel is an eater, I tell ya. And he cannot get enough to drink either!

When it finally came time to leave Hawaii at the end of October, the members of our church sand "Aloha Oe" to us on our last Sunday and gave us a couple of leis. It was very sweet of them!!

On our last night in Hawaii, my stepdad took us all (my mom, my sister, Lily, Gabriel and me) out for some awesome mongolian barbecue at a beautiful restaurant at Camp Smith that overlooks the harbor. This is my last view of Pearl Harbor:

I scheduled a redeye flight in the hopes that Gabriel would sleep through the whole six hours back to the mainland, so we went from the restaurant, back home for last minute to-do's and then off the the aiport!! Gabriel really liked watching the planes and he was pretty well-behaved for being up so late past his bedtime!

Luckily, he slept the whole way--I was so happy! I didn't get much sleep. I was pretty uncomfortable the 
whole time. But my main focus was making sure that Gabe was comfy so he could sleep. The kid moves around a LOT in his sleep! Everyone around me kept commenting on how happy and well-behaved he was. I couldn't agree more! I have an awesome child. ;0)

It was so nice to finally get to Arizona! Gabe was pumped to see Nana and Papa! (Well, he probably didn't know the reason, but he knew I was pumpin' him up for something!!) He kept looking for someone, so maybe he did understand on some level!

We had lots of fun hanging out with Nana and Papa and Titi Jazz! Racheal and the kids met us at Daisy's house and we all had so much fun!

Gabe in Papa's Navy hat

 Nana made her awesome rice (arroz con pollo) and beans and Gabriel LOVED it!
 We had fun shopping with Nana and Racheal and the kids...
 [L-R: Emma, Seth, Gabriel, Stephanie]
 The kids just sat on the bench to wait for Nana and happened to leave a gap big enough for Gabriel, so we sat him down and it made for a perfect picture!! This will be great when they're older and they understand what kind of relationship they have.

One of the days Nana and Papa decided to take everyone to Chuck-E-Cheese! This was Gabriel's first time and I got a video of him meeting Chuck...I'll have to post it when I find it!

 I gave him an orange wedge--I didn't think he'd like it...
 But he DID!! He got mad at Jasmin when she tried to take it from him..
 What a goob...

 He wasn't playing, but he THOUGHT he was!!
 Guy talk with Papa

We ended the month right--with Trick-or-Treating!! Gabriel was a monkey - the cutest one you will ever see in your life - and I was a pirate! I took him to a few houses and went home--he wasn't going to eat any candy anyway. He sure did like playing with it and gumming it through the wrapper though!!

All in all, October was a pretty fun month! It was SUPER busy with all the packing and airport craziness, but we got through it! I am so glad that Gabriel's first Halloween went so well! He made a really cute monkey, don't you think?