Saturday, January 15, 2011

New best buds and Gabe's first winter

I gotta tell you, finally getting back to Utah was such a relief!! Not that I didn't LOVE my time in Hawaii and in Yuma, because I really did. It was just so nice to know that I'd be back in familiar territory, dealing with weather and plants and animals that I'm used to, and with my sweetheart (McKay)!

Which brings me to one of my biggest worries coming back to Utah: How would Gabriel and McKay get along? I wasn't sure how things would be in that area and it kind of stressed me out. Turns out I had nothing to fear! McKay and Gabriel bonded instantly and have been inseparable--best buds since the second they met!! Here are a handful of my favorite daddy-son moments in November:

See what I mean? I had nothing to worry about! Whew!!

My other big concern? How would Gabe get along with WINTER? I mean, real winter. He had never experience cold weather before. The coldest it ever got in Hawaii was maybe in the 60's... So one of the first things we did was get him his first set of winter gear!

First thing's first: Get a coat!! He wasn't too thrilled about having to wear a coat everywhere...

Next, we had to find him a winter hat. Enjoy the short montage:

I really loved the grey one with the snowflakes, but when we went back to buy it, they were all gone! So we went with our second choice--the monkey hat! It came with a cute little set of matching mittens too! A day or so after getting his winter gear, we had our first REAL chance to test the quality of Gabe's new winter gear at our neighbor kid's championship football game (which he won--Go Morgan!!). It passed with flying colors! Sure, he may have resembled the kid on A Christmas Story, not being able to put his arms down. And, yeah, we have gone a little overboard bundling him up (Long-sleeved onesie, warm footie pajamas, a blanket wrapped around him, a blanket/sack style zip up pajama thing over that, a coat, mittens and a hat)....but hey! The kid was toasty warm!

Next, we take a trip to Marinello for Gabriel's first hair cut and then we're off to the courthouse for the reuniting of two soul mates! Don't miss it!