Thursday, January 6, 2011

KCWG 1.6.11

[For those who may subscribe to the blog with a reader, this is the 'Keeping Current With Gabriel' page post from January. I have decided to start back-posting the pages to the date they were published.]

What size are his...?
-Clothes: wearing 12-18 months
-Shoes: baby/toddler size 5/6 (depending on the shoe)
-Diapers: size 4

What's he eating?
Remember when Gabe used to eat pretty much anything? Those days are over!! He is getting kind of picky! He eats at regular intervals - breakfast, lunch and dinner with snack times in between. For breakfast, he ALWAYS has to have a banana--the kid is crazy about bananas!! He follows that with cream of wheat, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs, or yogurt. For lunch and dinner, it's hit and miss. One day he loves rice and the next, he won't even touch it! He likes beans and he'll eat bread or tortillas any time. PB&J is kind of a staple for him. He also likes those little vienna sausages, pasta, and whatever YOU'RE  For snack times, he can never get enough crackers or cereal.

What new things is he doing and discovering?
Gabriel took is first steps at the beginning of September, at about 8 1/2 months old. Kind of early, but he's a boy so it is sort of to be expected. Every week after that he would take more and more steps until, by the time we left Daisy's house at the end of October/beginning of November, he was a walkin' maniac! Now he almost runs! He has really good balance and he LOVES to dance - the kid is a dancin' FOOL. If he hears something that has any kind of beat at all, he starts swaying and bouncing and bobbing his head and shakin' his tush--it's awesome and adorable and I hope he never stops! Even if I'm just humming a song while I'm cleaning or something, he'll start dancing! 

We got him volume 1 of "Baby Signing Time" for his first birthday and within just a couple of weeks he had almost all of the signs down!! He does mamadaddygrandmagrandpasleep (which he uses to tell us if/when he's tired), crackerbanana (this is his favorite sign and he does it ALL THE TIME - but that's because he always wants to eat bananas), cerealeat/food (which he also uses to tell us he's hungry), drinkmilkwaterjuicemoreall donecatdog, and bird. At least that's all I can think of... Being able to effectively communicate with Gabriel is so awesome! It saves everyone frustration and time. I can see that Gabriel loves knowing how to tell us what he wants or needs and it is so exciting to watch him learn and pick up signs so quickly! I am a proud mamma!

Gabe only has four teeth so far - his upper and lower central incisors. They may not be many in number, but they can cause a lot of pain! He bites EVERYTHING. So far, he has never bitten anyone on purpose as far as I can tell. If you stick your finger in his mouth, though, he will bite it (I think he thinks you're giving him food) and it will hurt. That's a guarantee!

Kiddo has learned that he can make faces and his favorite ones are the scowl and the kiss face. It's funny to watch him switch between the two. When he scowls, he leans in to you so he can bump his head with your head so you know who's boss....LOL He loves kisses too though!! For some people, he'll turn and give you the cheek and others, the forehead. For me (9 times out of 10) he opens his mouth at the last minute so I'm kissing a big gaping hole instead of lips!

Now that Gabriel is pretty mobile, he has started exploring more and more. He wants to know what's in, behind, underneath, and on top of everything. He pushes every button he finds and pulls on every string/cord. Lately, he has found it amusing to push the power button on the TV repeatedly. He also likes to unplug things from the wall...oh boy...

What are some of his favorite/not-so-favorite things?
-Toys- Favorite: Things that make noise. Baby maracas, rain stick from Nana and Papa, books that make sounds or play music, and the super awesome V-Tech Zebra scooter/ride on/push toy from Gamma. He's also really into balls and lego duplos. Not-so-favorite: regular blocks and books. Well, the books are hit and miss, actually. But most of the time if I open a book to read it to him, he reaches out like he wants to touch the pictures and then he grabs it and slams it shut....  :'(
-Foods- Favorite: BANANAS. He also loves crackers and cereal (Kix and Multigrain Cheerios) and breads of all sorts. Not-so-favorite: rice. WHAT?! I know--weird.
-Clothes- Favorite: Gabe loves to put things on his head. Loves it! He has the most adorable little winter hat that looks like a monkey and he wears it everywhere! He doesn't really have a "not-so-favorite" in clothing at the moment. I'm glad about that. He pretty much wears whatever I put on him without protest!
-People- Daddy. Oh. My. Gosh. The kid will take McKay over me at any time for almost any reason. He goes to me when he's hurt, but other than that--only if McKay is not an option. If McKay leaves the room, Gabe cries. He wants to go everywhere with Daddy. I pretty much have to lure him with food to get him to come to me. This is not to say that he doesn't like me--he just likes McKay more. I have the consolation prize of being the only person who can get him laughing really hard, so that's a big plus! He still doesn't have a not-so-favorite person. He is pretty good with everyone. He will go to anyone we hand him to, initially. He checks the person out for a minute and then decides whether he'll "hang out or peace out". He wasn't even afraid of Santa, dangit!! Maybe next year.... (is it horrible of me to want him to be terrified of Santa at least once so I can get one of those awesome 'crying baby with Santa' pictures?)
-Misc.- Gabriel has become really attached to a fuzzy white blanket that my sister bought for him before he was born. He drags it everywhere. He's like Linus from Peanuts with that thing!

Mr. Personality
Gabriel is so darned cute. I can't even stand it. He got mamma's dimples, so his smile melts everyone around him. He even has dimples on the side of his head near his temples. It's awesomely adorable. Gabriel's personality is becoming very apparent and is really starting to come out more and more every day. He loves to laugh and play and it's hard to catch him not smiling. The only time he cries is when he's really hungry, hurt, or really tired and those are pretty easy fixes. He is so laid back and easy to fall in love with!! I am so happy that I have been blessed with such a cool kid! He is really the best. I love that he is a pretty even mix of all of us. I see myself and his father in him. I see my dad in him. I see Daisy in him. I see Tramel, Turner, Rivera, etc. Awesome awesome awesome. I'm so lucky!!

I left the above ^ section about his personality the same from the last update because that hasn't really changed. Gabe is super easy-going and fun-loving. My MIL can't get enough of him and she thinks he is the best little baby boy and so well-behaved. He is super chill and! He knows his boundaries and is very obedient when he is told to stop. He is always trying to make people smile and laugh and is usually pretty successful!