Thursday, January 13, 2011

Off to Utah and into November!

After Halloween, we still had a few days left in Yuma with the Rivera side of the family! One of the days, we decided to go to this awesome park (sort of like Discovery Park, if you live in/around Utah County and you know what I'm talking about). The kids loved it and we had a blast!

Drinkin' lunch in style!

Ti-ti Jazz with the Rivera babies at the "Tot Lot"

I don't think he's ready for this swing yet...

"Push me, Ti-ti! Forward!!"

 Gabe had a lot of fun on the swings with Ti-ti Jasmin

 Look at that belly!!

 Gabriel loved being toted around the park by Jasmin...

..he even went down the big boy slide!!

 It was getting hot, so we decided to relax on the swings...except Jazz - she's always crazy though!

We could tell it was time to go and get some drinks and ice cream when Gabe tried to chew through a plastic water bottle...

One extra little tidbit: This is proof that Gabe's juice addiction is YOUR FAULT, Daisy!! (And Racheal - you two created a monster! A JUICE MONSTER!!!) Hahahaha....

After a super fun week with Nana, Papa, Ti-ti Jasmin, Racheal and the kids, it was time to say farewell...

Another flight, but the last one for a least he fell asleep almost instantly...(again!)

Join us next time to see/read about Gabriel meeting McKay and getting his first set of winter gear!!