Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A hair cut and a wedding

I had hoped to be able to hold off getting Gabe's first hair cut until it was long enough for me to get a decent sample for his baby book, but the wedding was coming up and I wanted him to look nice for pictures so I broke down and took him the Marinello. His hair was growing over his ears and collar and it just looked a little too shabby.

I was a little worried that he would hate getting his hair cut and he would raise hell and make it difficult for them to do a good job. I was wrong. He was super chill! He just sat there and let them snip away! The only thing was that he kept trying to get a look at what she was doing, so he turned his head a few times to peek at the scissors. Other than that, he sat super still and was very patient--what a good kid!! All of the ladies at Marinello were impressed and they all mooned over him while he got his first hair cut!!

The 'before' shot

 He behaved himself so well!!
 Checkin' out the cut...

The next day, McKay and I went to the courthouse and got remarried. We decided to keep it simple since we already did the big "to do" wedding the first time. Now we're officially a family!!

Gabe looked so handsome in his little suit!!

 Great shoes. Seriously.