Monday, February 14, 2011

November Videos

All the fun of November caught on video:

We went to Cracker Barrel with some dear friends of ours and Gabriel LOVED the mini rocking chairs!!

Gabriel and McKay clicked right away. No matter what McKay was doing, Gabe wanted to do it with him! Even cleaning! Here, they are sweeping up Gabriel's cheerio mess.

As he gets older, Gabriel continues to explore the world in his own strange little way...

Gabriel will play with just about anything. He is such an easy going kid! He doesn't even need toys - he'll play with packing materials.

As we moved into November, Gabriel started getting better and better at walking. What was once a somewhat wobbly little toddle (as you can see here) has turned into a pretty solid walk/jog/run!!

Bless his heart - Gabe just wants to be like the big people. He wants to eat what we eat (which is usually okay, but he doesn't have many teeth so he's still sort of limited) and drink what we drink and do what we do! 

And there you have it, folks! All caught up on November happenings!! December soon to be posted!