Monday, July 13, 2009

"What is going on here?...huh?...Oh that's right--I'm losing my mind...."

Not much to update really....Gabriel moves and kicks and punches a LOT. He's a feisty little guy! I'm getting a little forgetful now and then. Sometimes I forget to take my vitamins (which my mom is super adamant about me staying on top of!) and the other day I was making extreme scrambled eggs (seriously, you've GOT to have me make them for you sometime) and one of the eggs I cracked and dumped into the trash instead of the bowl! I didn't realize what I had done until I went to throw the shell in with the other eggs in the mixing bowl....oh!!

I was talking to a friend who reminded me that I could register on Amazon (!) and that way it won't matter where I decide to be living (whether it's here or Hawaii or San Diego or freaking Africa) and people will be able to access my registry from wherever they are and get it to where ever I am. And most of the items, if you buy them direct from Amazon, ship for free if your order is at least $25!! Even if people don't want to spend much, they can combine orders and get the free shipping. Plus, Amazon has everything--things you can't find in some stores. So I've decided to print off my registries that I've already started other places and combine them into ONE on Amazon. I'm only partly through the whole process so far, but the link to my registry is on the sidebar for anyone who wants to take a look!


little red said...[Reply to comment]

So how come I didn't know about you being preggo??? That's awesome! Congratulations! I can't wait to meet him! :)