Friday, July 10, 2009

23 Weeks!!

23 week belly!

I've decided that every Friday (when I'm "officially" entering a new week of pregnancy), I will post the fun/cool/interesting things that are/will/should be going on in my tummy! It's quite the little factory--and it's starting to make me more and more tired as the weeks go on! I am still amazed at what my body is capable of creating--all with the help of just one little swimmer from Ray! Crazy!!

So this week, Gabe is about 8 inches long (for now, this measurement is "crown to rump", or head to tush) and weighs in at just over a pound! By the end of the month he should double his weight--gah!! That's a good thing though because apparently his skin is a bit loose at this point. That's because the skin grows faster than fat develops. Once he packs on some fat, he'll be less transparent too (right now baby's skin is see-through with a slightly red hue due to developing blood veins and arteries).

I saw him via ultrasound earlier this week, though, so I already know he's as cute as can be!! I can't get over how amazing that ultrasound machine they had was--it was super hi-tech! You could see his face and everything!! He has cute little lips and an adorable nose....can't wait to meet him!!