Saturday, July 4, 2009

Still here

So my computer has been acting up lately, but I just got it fixed! Yay!!!

I got a new doctor (Dr. Parker, who comes highly recommended) and went to the new office, Mt Timpanogos Women's Health Care, on June 22nd for a visit. I saw Dr. Allen (who may or may not be the on-call doctor when I go into labor this fall) when I went and he was awesome. There wasn't much to the visit, though, because they didn't have my records from Dr. Dewey yet. We did the routine stuff and listened to the heartbeat (so neat!). He says he thinks a November due date is more likely than an October one....bummer. I was hoping for October.

Anyway, he had a full anatomy ultrasound scheduled for me as well as another Dr. visit--this time with Dr. Parker. That will be Monday (the day after tomorrow), so that should be neat!! We'll find out for SURE if it's a boy or girl pummeling my insides!! (Yes, I feel it move, punch, kick, etc. all the time now!!)

Other good news: I'm past my halfway mark!! 22 weeks as of yesterday!!

22 Week belly! Gah!