Saturday, October 2, 2010

My little baby is looking like a toddler and I hate it!!

Back in July, there was a PACOM (Pacific Command--all of the military in the Pacific...command....) beach party at Bellows AFS Beach. My mom, Mike, Gabriel and I all went and partook of the festivities. It was cool. Would have been more fun if I was actually a part of PACOM and knew other people there...but I didn't.

Anyway, if you've been to Hawaii, you'll know that (among many other birds) there are a LOT of pigeons and doves. Everywhere. Gabriel is a little unsure of other living things--besides humans, that is. So it was pretty funny to watch him stare at the pigeons. I couldn't tell if he was terrified or just really really curious...

He just watched it, though, so I think he was just curious. Pigeons are funny.

I am always so amazed at how much Gabriel is growing!! It's crazy! There are times that I look at him and think, "Holy crap--he doesn't even look like a baby. He looks like a little boy." and it makes me sad because part of me just wants him to stay a baby....

Mamma's big boy!!

[Photos in this post are from 7/23/10]