Monday, October 18, 2010

King of the Crib

Most moms know that the best time to get things done is usually..when? That's right--NAP TIME! You don't always have the luxury of scheduling around nap time though. Normally, I would just set Gabriel down and let him play, but I needed to get stuff done upstairs and the baby gate was nowhere to be found and I can't just let him crawl around upstairs and he's too smart/strong to use anything other than a baby gate to block his I had to put him in his crib. I don't like to do that. 99.9% of the time, I only put him in his crib to sleep. That way, he understands that when he's in his crib it's time to SLEEP! So anyway, I put him in his crib with some toys so he could play while I got stuff done. My back was turned to him and I was busy in the closet when I wipes?

 WHAT are you doing, young man?!?!!

...caught ya...

So he knows he's caught, right? And what does he do?
KEEPS PULLING THEM OUT!! He would grab a diaper wipe, pull it out of the box, and then look at me like "...and? What mom? What are you gonna do?"

What a freaking turd, right?! So I turned the diper wipes around and removed everything else in the crib caddy..which left him with nothing to do because, OF COURSE, he doesn't want to play with things that are actually toys....meant to be played with....

So he just stood there. It was kinda funny. He mostly just stared at he thought I would eventually give in and give the wipes back. But I didn't. I went back to cleaning. So then he starts yell-babbling at me! Ha! Like he's telling me off! Hahahaha--you had to be there! It was hilarious!

Then partway through his rant, he's legs decided not to stand anymore and he just dropped out of nowhere! LOL...he tried to recover like nothing happened...

...and then he continued telling me off...I suppose he was ranting about who was REALLY in charge here (not me) was his "King Of The Crib" speech...

"Forget about that...I did that on purpose. Now see here, mom..."

"I am in charge of what goes on in this crib! If I want to destroy an entire box of diaper wipes, I will do so AS I PLEASE!!"

"And another thing! I'm getting bigger every day and you can't tell me what to do!"

"Stop laughing!! This is serious!! I'm trying to lay down some ground rules and expectations here!!"

"Is this how it's going to be, mom? I try to assert myself and you just laugh at me? Fine...I'll show you...just wait 'til I'm 17..."

...and then his legs buckled again....
"Whoop! Down I go..."

*grunt* "Just...pretend that didn't happen....I'm really a lot bigger than you think, mom..."

He is such a funny kid and I am enjoying every second of his baby cuteness!! No mom could ask for a more awesome son. His personality just cracks me up! It will be hilarious to hear what he has to say when he can actually talk.... HA!

[Pictures in this post are from 8/8/10]