Monday, October 4, 2010

My Lil' Champ

Brace yourselves--this is going to sound like bragging (and it kind of is). On top of being unbelievably adorable, incredibly hilarious, and oh-so-sweet, Gabriel is a super smart kid. He is very good at a lot of things. This post will be focusing on EASILY one of his greatest talents and passions:


You may think your child is a great eater, buy mine's a PRO. Seriously. He will eat pretty much anything. (I even fed him some goat cheese last night...that's a post for another time)


 As soon as he learns how to open up jars, I'm in trouble...

If I don't move fast enough he will try to eat his bib, utensils, or any other unfortunate object within reach...

Sometimes, to make things easier, I just strip him down and let him go to town. After a jar of baby food, it's finger snacks! I'm learning which ones to feed him depending on the amount of patience I have left in me for the day (some get really messy...ugh)

 He LOVES these organic teether biscuits (biscuits in a way that a dog biscuit is a biscuit...which isn't a biscuit, in my opinion...) that I got for him at the whole foods store. They are not mommy-friendly though...

Everyone in the family insists on giving Gabriel all sorts of messy foods and snacks. They love watching him get all gooey and sticky--and he loves it too!! But guess who has to take the gooey, sticky baby out of the high chair and clean him up afterward? Yeah. That would be me.
 I have learned to ALWAYS ask the mother/parent if it is alright to give their child any sort of snack or treat. Messy babies make messy mammas....
Watch out, ladies and gentlemen. We have a champion food gobbler and mess-maker in our midst!
[Photos in this post are from 7/23/10]