Thursday, September 30, 2010

He may be a fat chunk, but he's MY fat chunk!!

I love my kiddo so much--it's insane. I love his laugh. I love his cry (really--I do!). I love his crawl. I love all the cute little sounds he makes and his crazy-baby outbursts. I love his odd sense of humor. I love the way he head-butts people (softly) to show affection. I love it when he dances/bounces to music. I love everything about him.

....his chub. His fat rolls. His chins (yes, plural). I love those chunky cheeks so much I could just squeal!!

What a fatty!!

 Uhh--can you say "WALLPAPER"!!?! Yes, please!!

The fact that he looks like he's licking his lips in this picture (he's acually just sticking out his tongue) is just the sprinkles on the icing on the cream-filled cake. Like he just ate little chunk of adorable chubby baby....ha!

Love it.