Monday, September 27, 2010

A True Hawaiian

the beach.
Like, a LOT. He is a true islander! And, having been born in Honolulu, I can most definitely say he is 100% kama aina (native Hawaiian) LOL! Gabe loves to be in the water. When we go to the beach, he just sits and chills in his floatie ring almost the whole time. Doesn't fuss. Doesn't get bored. (both of which Lily does after about five or ten minutes...) He would hang out in the water for hours if I let him!

Anyway, sometime in July, we found this awesome beach/lagoon on the southwest side of the island at Ko'Olina. I think there are three lagoons in that area. We went to lagoon 2. It was GORGEOUS!! There are wave breakers, so the water was just a little wavy--mostly pretty calm. I put Gabriel in his floatie ring and we just cruised around the lagoon for about an hour or two! It was such a nice day and there were little tropical fish in a few areas that we could see just by looking down into the water--they were swimming around our feet! Little striped fish and spotted ones and all different colors. Gabe had a blast--he even kicked his feet to help with the cruising! Hahaha!! (couldn't get a video of the kicking though...bummer) He's my little water baby! 

When we first got there. He was excited to get in the water!!

All suited up and ready to go!

Assuming the position. This is how he kicks back in the water every time. I put him in his tube, he adjusts to the water temperature, I throw some cheap bath toys (that have now become beach toys) in the water inside the tube (it comes up from the leg holes), and he just hangs out and splashes around with the toys!! Perfect setup for him!

Ko'Olina Lagoon 2. If you ever go to Hawaii, check out this spot (Can you see the wedding in the background?! Hahaha...)

Checkin' out the ladies...

Basking in the sun...ahhh.....(reLAX--he has tons of baby sunscreen on)

It's hard to get him out of the tube while it's in the water, so this is what I've resorted pretty well...

See?! He wants to get back in the water!

Our beach secret? Skip the beach towels on the sand--save them for drying off. Spread out a sheet instead and tuck the corners under the sand to anchor it down! It gives you more easy, clean sitting space, and it's easy to shake the sand off of when you're packing everything back into the car! (unlike towels, which like to hide sand in all their nooks and crannies...)

It will be an odd adjustment moving to Utah with him. He's never really been in cold weather. And the dry climate is going to be a shock for him. I can't wait to see what he does with snow though!!

[Photos and video in this post are from 7/17/10--oops! This should have come before the previous post chronologically....oh well...]