Friday, September 24, 2010

Catching up is fun to do...okay, not really...but look! New pics/videos!!

Remember that catching up I promised? (A month ago--I know....sorry) Well it starts NOW!! Wahoo!! I'm telling myself I'll do a post a day until I'm caught up, but I can't promise that will happen. But I'm annoyed/frustrated enough that it is definitely possible! There are so many things I want to post and share but I have blog OCD and I simply canNOT post out of chronological order. Can't do it. So travel back to JULY with me, will you? July 7th, to be exact.

Racheal called/texted/emailed (I really don't remember what kind of correspondence it was) and told me that she was at a craft store with her kids and they saw this and insisted on getting it for Gabriel. So she bought it and sent it to us. How cute and sweet is that?! Anyway, Gabriel LOVED it!

This was back when Gabriel was first starting to creep his way across the floor. As you can see, it is his own awesome baby version of an army/low crawl. Ha!

Gabe was immediately fascinated...
He had to bang all of the animals together. Had to.

And then each and every one of them found their way into his mouth! He chewed on all of them in the first ten minutes. "Christened", I like to call it. All of his toys (and many, many other miscellaneous items around the house) have gone through a similar welcome/hazing.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, he hit himself on the head with each of them as well....must be a boy thing...what a weird kid.

Bottom line? Gabriel LOVED this!! He still does!! A big thanks to Seth, Emma, Stephanie and, of course, Racheal!

[Pics and videos from 7/7/10]