Saturday, September 25, 2010

I really need a better yard...

I feel really bad that Gabriel doesn't really ever play outside unless we're at the beach. Our yard kinda sucks. The fast majority of it is a GIANT patio--which is nice....if you're not a baby who doesn't mix well with hard surfaces. Even if the hard surface wasn't an issue, the patio is surrounded by rocks. The people who own the house decided that they didn't want to deal with grass, so they replaced it with rocks. Not nice ones, either. Not cute little smooth ones or pretty/interesting rocks. Big, chunky, ugly grey rocks that are more of a pain than the grass would have been. Really people?! What are we supposed to do with ROCKS?! So they pretty much eliminated the "yard" from the back yard. Alas, we only have a small patch of grass in the front of the house. And the grass sucks. It's not nice soft comfy grass. It's like crab grass--ONLY WORSE. This grass makes crab grass seem like Charmin. I hate our yard. So we just avoid it.

Except on this day, July 8th, which was Gabriel's first real prolonged grass experience!!

This one's my favorite...

[Photos from this post are from 7/8/10]