Tuesday, September 29, 2009

33 and 34 weeks--Playing catchup!

33 weeks

34 weeks

Well!! The past two weeks have been CRAZY!! I finally moved to Hawaii. Let me tell you--it is GORGEOUS here!! The flight was long and boring and uncomfortable, but whatever. I made it. It has been so nice being able to settle and get baby stuff and everything. I'll tell you a more about that later on in the post though.

There's not a lot going on with Gabriel's development (as compared to earlier in the pregnancy) lately. I mean, there is--but it's mostly just brain development and gaining weight. His organs are almost fully matured except for his lungs, which will continue to develop almost until he's born. He's getting pretty big now! He's about 5 lbs now and around 20 inches! Because he's so big, I'm pretty maxed out on the amniotic fluid level. Since there's less water surrounding him, there's less cushion to his kicks and punches--which can SUCK. He moves in the most uncomfortable positions sometimes! Ugh! Anyway, Gabe is getting antibodies and all kinds of great stuff from me, which will help with the development of his immune system. Apparently his testicles are making their way down to his scrotum this week--they've been in his abdomen all this time!

So I had my first doctor appointment in Hawaii today! It took some time to get all of my medical coverage and stuff in order when I got here. I finally found a doctor YESTERDAY and they got me in to see him today. My doctor's name is Dr. Newcomb. He's really cool--super nice. My visits will be weekly from now until Gabriel is born. I have to get a Group B Strep test next week. Ick. It's a swab--like a PAP. Blah. But whatever.

On to the fun stuff!! I've finally been able to get baby stuff!! I have a high chair, a swing, a cute little vibrating baby papasan chair, a play mat, a stroller, and the CRIB!!! (and crib bedding) Here are some pictures of me and my mom putting it together:


Yay!! We did it!!