Saturday, September 5, 2009

31 weeks--On The Go!!

So! Here I am. 31 weeks. Holy crap. I feel like the time is just passing by so quickly!! I'm kinda glad about that though. Not that I hate being pregnant or anything--I love it (most of the! I love feeling him move and kick. There's just a different feeling you get in general when you're pregnant. Life is different--and not just physically. I can't explain it. Anyway--only nine more days until I move to Hawaii!! Gah!!

Gabriel is weighing in at 3+ pounds this week! He's around 18 inches long (give or take), which means he's almost at his birth length! His brain is doing a LOT of work making sure everything is in order and all of the trillions (yes, TRILLIONS) of connections are good to go before he's born. He's actually using them--processing information, tracking light, and perceiving signals from all five of his senses. In fact, he'll actually be able to start recognizing my voice or music that I play, etc. That's because, up until now, Gabe interpreted sounds as vibrations, but now he can hear ACTUAL SOUNDS! How cool! He's sleeping more now too--I think maybe he just likes the REM sleep (dreaming is cool). LOL  It's nice that he sleeps more now--at least for longer periods of time. He is developing a much more predictable pattern. I usually have a pretty good idea when he's going to be awake and kicking and rolling around.

This week has been so up and down! I've been really busy trying to get things ready for the move. Grr. I hate moving. I love it too. But I tend to be a procrastinator when it comes to packing... Anyway, I broke down and bought a few things for Gabriel--I couldn't help it!! But it was just little stuff. I got a onesie for his blessing day (SO cute!!) and an adorable little pair of shoes. I had to. But they're small and won't take up much space when packing. I got together with Aubrey and did "belly pictures"!! I guess it sounds better to call it a "maternity shoot", but whatever. We got some really cute shots. I should post them sometime. Maybe soon. I talked to Racheal on the phone for the first time this past week! She's such a sweetheart. Daisy called me too! We only spoke very briefly because she was traveling at the time, but it was good to talk to her--haven't done that since.....geeze I don't even remember the last time we actually TALKED. I saw Dr. Parker Wednesday. He says everything's looking great! My glucose test results came back. As long as my "score" was under 140, I was good. My score was 80. I was WAY good. Dr. Parker says Gabriel is head-down, which is good I guess! He had a hard time finding his head at first--says I have abs of steel! LOL The good/relieving news: I should be totally fine to fly (in NINE DAYS--holy crap)! Yay!!