Sunday, April 17, 2011

UN / FORTUNATELY - My Happy List

I decided to go ahead and link up to Mamarazzi's Happy List this week. I have soooo many things to be happy about and thankful for!! And, though I didn't intend to, I feel a lot like my friend in one of her latest posts.

I am HAPPY that Gabriel loves bathtime. He splashes and plays and farts and he is just hilarious and fun to watch! Plus, I love the smell of a clean baby!

UNfortunately, while I was trying to take a video of his cute little naked tush, this happened:

If you can't tell what happened at the end there--that was me dropping my phone into the tub. Now I'm "one of those idiots". HAPPILY, I have worked for a company that does technical support for mobile devices (without really telling you what company I worked for, I can say I supported the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch....) so I knew exactly what to do to avoid damage and I took action immediately. My phone is fine.  :0)

I am HAPPY that my son is healthy and happy and active. UNfortunately, that means he makes more messes and gets into plenty of mischief!

So I am HAPPY that I have a baby gate. The Gabe-Storm is containable, people.

I am HAPPY that my son loves me so much that he can't stand the idea of not being in the middle of everything I'm doing. UNfortunately, that means he's always under my feet--which can be dangerous in the kitchen. HAPPILY, Gabriel is easily entertained by kitchen utensils!