Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boo-boo :'(

Okay, so this is a testament to just how behind I am. This happened in January. Ugh. I always say that I will get caught up and believe me--I really really want to!! But with a full-time job plus wife and mommy duties plus...stuff....makes for a busy life. Plus, I can be a little lazy. And I'm a procrastinator. Basically, there isn't really a good excuse. Aaaannyywaaayyyy.....

So Gabriel was running around playing and he slipped and fell (we have hardwood floors and they can be a little slippery) right on his face! I turned to grab him and saw that he was bleeding. A LOT. I couldn't get it to stop. He split his upper lip...I wanted to cry! I was so upset that I couldn't fix my poor little baby - I was shaking!!

It finally stopped bleeding and he stopped caring and just wanted to continue playing....I was left trembling and whimpering on the couch....

He has since healed beautifully. There is just a tiny faint little scar on his upper lip that you can barely see. Looks like he heals like Mamma!! (We now have "house socks" for Gabriel that have little rubbery dots on the soles so he won't slip!!)