Monday, April 25, 2011

January, February, March! March! MARCH!

I know this post title most likely does not make sense unless you grew up in my family, but whatever.

So I hope Racheal doesn't scoff at me for this, but I didn't let Gabriel play with the gift she and the kids got him for Christmas until March. She got him these awesome crayons made especially for little hands. They have a bulb on one end that makes it so babies and toddlers can grasp them more easily and there's a giant crayon tip on the other end. They also stack inside each other. Gabriel LOVES them. But he doesn't color with them. He just wants to stack them....

We have some awesome neighbors (on one side of us) who love to play with Gabriel. The dad is the coolest guy and his son and daughter are such cute kids!! Here, you can see his oldest playing with Gabe. He could see that Gabriel was fascinated by his skateboard, so he stopped and put Gabe on to go for a spin! Okay, so he didn't really go anywhere, but he stood on it for a few minutes!!

My friend's daughter's birthday was in March and we were invited! She decided to do it at Chuck E Cheese's and we had a blast! We got a few tokens and Gabe use almost all of them (all but three) on this:

I can never get enough of seeing my boys hanging out. It's one of my favorite things to see.

Gabriel loves Elmo. I'm talking UNHEALTHY love. He is obsessed with Sesame street. He becomes glued to the TV. Normally if we have something on TV, he watches it for a minute and runs around playing with toys. He never gets like this unless Elmo is on:

Another gift from Racheal--the phone. It was an old toy that her kids used to love and play with and she gave it to Gabriel when we all met up at Daisy's house last fall. He LOVES this phone! It plays music and talks and lights up. She said each of her kids loved it too. We always keep it in the car for him to play with!

See that third picture? He was calling Mamma.

So that was March. I know--I was a little skimpy with the pictures and videos last month. I have no idea why. Normally I have tons of videos to sift through and hundreds of pictures every month. But not March. It was weird for me too, people.