Thursday, April 7, 2011


I freaking love IKEA. I get into trouble there, though. I see so many things that "make so much sense!" and it's all so inexpensive and I always end up buying things I didn't intend to. I also end up spending a lot more time there than I plan to.

Gabriel took his first trip to IKEA with mommy not too long ago and he was a trooper!! Right in the middle of the bathroom stuff (I think...? or was it window treatments?) they have a little kiddie station that Gabriel LOVED. They think of everything.

I have been dreaming up a cute little toddler room setup and the process has completely consumed me at times. I find myself spending hours online shopping and comparing - beds, dressers, toy boxes, book shelves...oh my...I cannot wait!! IKEA has a pretty good contender for a toddler bed - the length (yes--of the whole bed) is adjustable and it comes with a cute matching toy chest! I also found some cute chairs. Oh yeah--Gabe is totally obsessed with little chairs. If he finds one anywhere--or anything that somewhat resembles a chair--he will sit on it. Who am I kidding? He'll sit on anything. The other day I caught him sitting on a shoe. Seriously, though, the kid is like Goldilocks - a connoisseur of chairs. Only he's obviously not as picky if he'll sit on a shoe. He found a cool little chair that he liked at IKEA though!!

I want to get it. I just have to find a way to convince McKay that the purchase is justified...

Gabriel took on IKEA like a champ!! He put up with my browsing and oohing and ahhing for hours without a peep! He actually kinda got into it with me. He would find something he liked and point at it excitedly and go "Ooh!" or "Oh! Wow!" Hahaha--crazy kid. He was pooped by the time we left though! He conked right out in the car on the way home....