Friday, March 18, 2011

That's My Boy!!

I have always I hoped my kids would be lego maniacs. So far, my wish has come true! Gabriel LOVES his legos (duplos) that he got from Nana and Papa Rivera. I am LOVING it!

I have a bad habit of criticizing parents who spoil their kids (I do this in my head because I fully understand that everyone chooses to parent the way they feel is best and I know that it is not my place to tell others how to raise their children - get off my back!!) I think kids that are handed everything their little heart desires grow up thinking that's how life really is. I've seen kids whose parents gave them everything they wanted grow up to be unappreciative, entitled, irresponsible adults. So I don't buy Gabriel every single toy that I would LOVE for him to have...even though part of me wants to.

I DO, however, buy him book after book after book. It is my FIRM belief that a child can never have too many books. Ever. So Gabriel is steadily acquiring quite the library. He loves his books and I love that he loves his books. They can be found in many different parts of the house. I cannot wait until McKay breaks down and lets me buy a book shelf for them.

I adore my little bookworm! He knows the sign for book and if he can't find one on his own, he waddles up to me with an concerned/eager look on his face signing "book" and I find one for him. He settles into a comfortable position and proceeds to flip through pages, exclaiming "Oh! Ooo! Wow!" while pointing at pictures and mimicking the vocal tones and fluctuations he remembers hearing us use when we read to him. It is SO cute to watch.

I am enjoying motherhood more than I ever thought I could enjoy anything. Gabriel is the absolute light of my life.