Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rounding out 2010

So here are the rest of the cute videos from December 2010 and then I can finally move on to 2011!! I'll get caught up here pretty soon...I promise...

Gabriel started plopping his tongue in December (honestly, he may have started doing it long ago and I just didn't notice because he does it pretty quietly...)

We went to Cracker Barrel with my grandpa and his wife and my aunt and uncle. You can't leave Cracker Barrel without wandering through the store and checking out all of the odds and ends they have in there!

Here, my grandpa is playing tricks on Gabriel...

Gabriel has started razzing again--I've noticed a pattern with him and razzing now. He does it a lot when he is teething. There are one or two front teeth coming in and I think his first molars will be making an appearance within the next couple of months...

I almost never give Gabriel candy. Daddy, however, is a different story. He's a sucker--he'll give Gabe a taste of whatever he's eating if I'm not looking! So McKay was eating a candy cane and Gabriel climbed up on his lap and started begging like a sad, of course, McKay gave him a taste. Bad idea!! So McKay was sharing it with Gabriel, offering the candy cane here and there and then boop decided that he would take control of said candy cane....but he still shared with Daddy!

It is rare that I can catch Gabriel on video doing something that I've asked him to do. He'll do it all day long until I get the camera out and then he won't do it for the camera. I got lucky with this one and caught him signing "banana" (well...his variation of "banana" - it's supposed to look like you're peeling a banana and your finger is the banana)

So that's all for December - I'm done doing my belated 2010 blogging! On to 2011 and new adventures!!