Monday, July 18, 2011

Off to Yuma!

Right after the fourth of July, Daddy went to LDAC (Leadership Development and Assessment Course for the Army) for a month. It was a perfect time to go visit Mim-mim and Papa Ray! We flew to Arizona and got to spend a week with them!

Of course, we did some shopping--that is unavoidable when hanging out with Daisy! (Mim-mim)

Gabriel got to play in Papa and Mim-mim's pool too! Pool time with Papa was one of Gabriel's favorite activities while we visited.

Daisy loves having her grandbabies with her - I get totally spoiled because she won't let me do ANYTHING! She gets up with him in the morning and feeds him. She dresses him. She even took care of bath time!

One of Papa and Mim-mim's favorite pass-times is taking the boat out on the river with friends. We got to go out for a few hours and we had a blast!

Papa let Gabriel help him drive the boat

Everything is a photo op when you're out with Mim-mim and Papa!

We found a good spot and set up some chairs and a sun shade on a shallow bank. Gabriel loved playing in the water!

Of course, Papa just HAD to give Gabe the messiest snack he could find...

We met up with some of Daisy and Ray's friends and their two kids. They have a son around Gabe's age and they became fast friends!

Jasmin happened to have her baby shower while we were there too. I have to say, this was the biggest baby shower I have ever been to. Ever. It was catered and there was a DJ. It was a huge party! It was long, too. So, while Gabe spent plenty of time being his adorable self....

...he also spent his fair share of time being a cranky little turkey...

All of Daisy's friends (and their kids!) loved holding and playing with Gabriel - he kind of played musical laps all night...

He was also a HUGE flirt. I'm going to be in trouble in about 14 years or so...

All in all, the baby shower was a lot of fun. I met a lot of Jasmin's friends and got to know Jacob's (baby's daddy) family as well! The food was great and so were the music and games.

It was hard to leave at the end of our stay in Arizona. We had so much fun playing and shopping! Gabriel loves seeing Mim-mim and Papa Ray and has a hard time saying goodbye at the airport. So far, he has been able to visit them at least once a year. Hopefully that will continue!