Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Fest

Back in June, McKay's ROTC unit's color guard marched in the Orem Summer Fest parade. They marched behind the opening cannon with flags and rifles/bayonets, so (of course!) we went to watch Daddy march!!

Waiting for the parade to start was the worst part. We were closer to the end of the parade route, too, so we had to wait even longer than anticipated...

He doesn't look too happy in the pictures, but he actually had a really good time! He was a little tired, but perfectly content. He's such a chill, kick back kid! I love it.

Finally, we heard the cannon getting closer (they would stop every so many hundred yards and shoot the cannon off) and we knew we'd be seeing daddy soon! Finally, they appeared down the street, maneuvering around a corner. Darick called commands and McKay was an arms bearer.

It's too bad we didn't know what side McKay would be on...he is the arms bearer on the far right in the bottom picture (above), so we didn't get a very good view of him and Gabe was kind of sad.

Since we were pretty close to the end of the parade route, McKay was able to double back pretty quickly and sit with us for the rest of the parade! Of course, Gabriel LOVED that. Such a Daddy's boy....