Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toofers, teefies, pearlies, chompers--whatever you wanna call them, they're a-comin!!

For MONTHS now Gabriel has been drooling up a storm and putting everything into his mouth. Seriously. Everything.

Everyone around us said things like "Ohp--looks like someone's cutting teeth!" and "Oohh little guy's teething, eh?" Uhh...suuurrreeee.....until recently there was nothing to show for all of the chewing and drooling and empty tubes of baby Orajel. Key words: UNTIL RECENTLY
 Ta-da!! Two little teeth! The first one (your right, his left) cut through on June 30th and the second, right next to the first, showed up July 5th! They are showing more and more every day. It's super cute! He is now experimenting with his new chompers, biting and nibbling on anything he can get into his mouth.
 As you can see, he is not as willing as I'd like to show of his new pearlies, but I try anyway...


Jessica said...[Reply to comment]

Ahh soooo cute!

Jessie said...[Reply to comment]

Love all the pictures of everything in his mouth, so stinking cute!!! Oh i cant wait to see him in person!!! he is so cute!!