Friday, July 23, 2010

As a responsible parent (I try...), I always want to encourage Gabriel and any future children to eat healthy foods and choose nutritious snacks. I know that I will only have *so much* control over what they eat for *so long*. I don't want to completely deprive them of candy here and there or occasional junk food either. My hope is that I will impart some knowledge and good eating habits while they're young. Then when the unhealthy, horrible, yucky junk food monster rears its ugly head sometime down the road my kids will (hopefully) make healthy choices! ....right?
 Yummy fresh pineapple!

 Delicious strawberries!

 He's already trying to snag some healthy goodies!!

...and then I turn around and find out that my mom is completely undermining my efforts....

*Sigh* I guess that's what Gamma's are for though....*grumble*


SamBamby said...[Reply to comment]

That is awesome! We gave Anya some lemon last night. The face was priceless! But she ended up wanting more! So awesome. How are you implimenting meat? Do you just give him the meaty baby foods? I am always so nervous to introduce new foods.