Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wan go simmin?!

My mom and I made a FIRM decision that we need to start enjoying Hawaii's beaches more often. Awesome! So we've been going to the beach every weekend now. A couple of weeks ago we called my sister to ask if she and Lily wanted to go swimming with us. Candace suggested that we go to "her beach" (North Beach at Kaneohe Bay) this time since we had never been there before. I guess Candace and Lily go quite a bit because it's a beach on her base (K-Bay). Fine by me!! So it was off to Kaneohe!! North beach's good and bad. The bad: there are large rocks in the water, so you really need to be wearing water shoes if you want to go wading or swimming. The good: the water is calmer than North Shore and Bellows AND (this is a big deal to me) you can actually find sea shells there!! They get snatched up pretty quickly at other beaches (darn tourists...)

Anyway, here are the AWESOME pictures from out North Beach @ K-Bay adventure!
This beach trip marked Gabriel's first time really REALLY getting in the ocean! I just put him in his little floaty tube thing and he just kicked back--he LOVED it!!

He loved playing with Auntie Candace!

Oh, so that's how he's not falling through...

Lily always wants to help...

Lily didn't want to be in the water anymore, so she and Candace sat on the shore and watched the rest of us play!

Lily floated around with Gamma for a bit...

Lily loves to play in the sand!!

My mom wanted a picture of the kids playing in the sand for her beach themed bathroom, so we took a bunch of them. Unfortunately, there was a water spot on the lens (it's a water-proof camera and it definitely goes in the water a lot) that we didn't know about. the water spot is right over Lily in almost all of the pictures of them in the sand...bummer!

Sick. Gabriel (or course) just HAD to eat sand and chew on sandy toys and fingers...ugh...

So that was our fun beach visit! I'm so glad I was finally able to get Gabriel in the water! Every time we've gone to a beach since the point where I felt comfortable putting him in the water, it has been high tide or really chopy or too windy...but not this time!!