Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I have no clever title for this post

These are the rest of the little parts and pieces of April that I just couldn't not post....

Gabriel started talking and imitating us a LOT in April, and we love it!

We had a big milestone/first in April - Gabriel pooped in the tub! Did I really go almost 18 months without him pooping in the tub? Yes. But here you have it, ladies and gentlemen:

FYI: I drained the tub and took Gabe out right after this so he wasn't sitting in poo-infested water. I was scooping out toys as the water was draining so I could separated everything from the turd. I scooped up what I thought was another handful of toys.....nope. There was a second turd! Eew! I just full-on grabbed a little poo log! It was gross. I love being a mommy.

Gabriel still uses signs even though he's starting to talk. People who don't know signs look at us weird all the time like "Uhh....what is your kid doing?" and people who do know signs get all excited - "Oh my gosh! Is he signing? That's so cool! What signs does he know?" I brag about it all the time. I just think it's awesome. Yeah, my kid is signing AND talking. Holla!

My little dancer babe loves to move and groove to the beat. Most of the time, I get the camera on him and he stops. We were watching The Cool TV or whatever that channel is called (what MTV should be - they play music/music videos all day every day) and Gabe started feelin' it and was totally rocking out and dancing to the music. I grabbed my phone to get a video and, of course, the beat goes away for a minute....and he started looking for it! (Yes--the beat. He was looking for the beat)

There. April is done now.


Impulsive Addict said...[Reply to comment]

Emma is sitting on my lap watching the video's of your adorable baby. WE LOVE IT!

Emma knows sign language too and she can say the words too. LOVE IT!

We've surprisingly never had our first poo in the tub. I'm sure we will though. We're not potty trained yet.